08 December 2010


Twitter is something that is completely new to me. I'd heard a lot about it but never quite understood what it was all about. I am now beginning to understand how it's used. It seems to be a quick and easy way of sharing thoughts and links, without having a homepage that is clogged up with videos and pictures (the way that Facebook can be, for example).

I think if our libraries ever go down the path of a blog, Twitter could complement this really well. Even without a blog, Twitter could link people to the library website and other interesting sites. We could get ideas from other libraries posting on Twitter and share our ideas with other libraries, as well as patrons.

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  1. I've never used Twitter either so this was the part of the training I was looking forward to. You've given me a clearer picture in my head of what to expect

  2. I think twitter could really work in our libraries - another roster to staff it though!

  3. Personally I don't think I would ever use Twitter but some seem to love it!