20 December 2010

All wrapped up

I have now reached the end of this course. Hooray! I've learnt about some new things (geocaching, twitter, LibraryThing), and revisited some things I knew about but had forgotten about (podcasts, flickr). There were some things from the course I already used quite frequently, like Facebook, RSS and YouTube. I've really enjoyed learning more about all of these technologies, and finding out what everyone else thinks about them too.

Thanks to Mel and Mark for coordinating the course! Hopefully we can start to incorporate some of these technologies into our libraries.


  1. Well done on finishing, and if I can't win the ipad I hope you do so you can keep us up to date with your travels next year!

  2. Well so have I but too late to win a prize - Boooooooooo

  3. yes we all owe thanks to the coordinators, thanks for your effort!

  4. Eve said...

    Your statements are really interesting. Hope I can complete this, let alone do it this well.