03 December 2010


Librarything seems fun and quite novel (pardon the pun, that was actually an accident!). I always tend to lose track of what I've read and am always looking for recommendations on what to read next (I also like NoveList for this!).

Feel free to check out my librarything account ...I haven't added many books yet. I'm not sure I would get on board with the "social" aspect of this site, but I like being able to click on a book that I like, see who else likes it and what other books they like. I suppose this could be considered social, at a stretch?

The LibraryThing for libraries feature looks rather interesting too!

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  1. Another more social place to go would be Goodreads. Check out what friends read, recommend and also has groupings so you can browse by genre and popularity. I found Goodreads useful for seeing what is trending in other places. However, i will delve deeper into librarything, this is also this little time issue for now:)

  2. Thanks Kat, I'll have to check that out. And yes, there's that pesky time factor as usual!

  3. I have also used Goodreads. It is great for setting up groups - who can follow what everyone else is reading.