19 November 2010

Time for a feed!

I had never used Google Reader before but I had subscribed to RSS feeds using the program Mail on my computer at home. Google Reader is great though, since I can access it from any computer I happen to be on. I find it is especially useful for websites that don't get updated very often. Instead of having to keep checking them every once in a while, RSS will let me know when there is something new for me to read. Here are some that I subscribed to on Google Reader:


  1. Ooooh I think you've posted some sites there I might need to add to my feeds too!

  2. I especially like Things organized neatly. I could feel myself relax as I viewed all those precisely organised items. Order from chaos. Beautiful.

  3. Oooh I've added smitten kitchen and things organised neatly to my google reader.

    By the way

    Best. blog title. ever.

  4. Love the picture's your using on your blog.