26 November 2010

Caution: wet paint

Wikis were the topic of the Web 2.0 course for week five. I use Wikipedia frequently but haven't really looked at or thought about other forms of wikis until now. A friend of mine works in IT at a university and they use a wiki for all of their procedures. Any of the staff can update it and there is also one person designated to making sure all of the information is up-to-date. I think this would be fantastic for the libraries. It would probably take a fair bit of work to set it up, but I like the idea of having one place for procedures without having to go in and out of files on the T-drive. It would be great for things like the Summer Reading Challenge or the Solar Cities kits. Sometimes information gets sent out via email which gets looked at, and perhaps forgotten before the time comes to actually use it. If it was then added to a wiki we could easily access it at the desk when it's needed.

Chair In Sky


  1. Some good ideas, made me think, which hurt a bit.

  2. Love the pics you are using!
    A number of staff from our seem enthused about a wiki - wonder if by the time you return we have one??